Does SVHFH have regular builds?
Habitat builds may be scheduled for anytime during the calendar year, depending upon one or more of the many factors influencing the timing of a build. Our goal is to complete a build within 6 to 8 weeks; however, weather, number of volunteers, et cetera, can affect this timeline. Work days and times will vary based upon the phase of the build and the availability of appropriate supervision of the site. The best way to get up-to-date information on our current and/or future scheduled builds is to use the “Contact Us” tab of this website. If you wish, you can request to be added to our volunteer contact list, which will give you build alerts and updates.
Where are SVHFH build sites located?
Our service area is defined as being within Pike County, KY within a 15­­-mile radius of the City of Pikeville. Thus, all regular build sites will be contained within this designated area.
What do I need to do if I am interested in volunteering on a SVHFH Build?
Contact us to make us aware of your interest. Before participating in a Habitat build, you will be required to receive basic safety training. This will be offered online as well in person on the actual build site. General safety measures will be posted at the site, but you will receive additional instruction on the site concerning construction and safety. We ask that your tetanus vaccinations be up to date. Smoking is not allowed on the actual build site; however, you may find a place adjacent to the site if it is necessary to smoke.
What should I bring to the build site?
You should dress appropriately for the weather and the task at hand. Loose, floppy clothing should not be worn. You are also required to wear closed toe and closed heel shoes. Tools will be provided on the site, but if you have basic tools such as a hammer, tape measure, carpenter’s pencil, apron or tool belt, please personalize these items and bring them with you. Safety wear such as hard hats (during overhead construction phase) goggles, gloves and ear plugs will be provided, but it is helpful if you have your own to use. If you have completed a Volunteer Release & Waiver (which can be received by fax or email), please bring that form with you. Extra forms will be made available at the site.
Will I need to provide my own food and drinks?
Snacks, water and/or sports drinks will be provided for volunteers at all times. Lunch is provided on the weekends when there is an active phase of building going on. However, if you have special dietary needs, you should bring your own food and/or beverages as needed or eat before reporting to the site.
Does SVHFH host volunteer groups?
Yes. Any group interested in participating in a build should contact us with the availability and size of the group, skill level(s) included within the group and whether accommodations will be necessary.

Please contact us with any other volunteer questions you may have.