Habitat for Humanity Affiliates

Habitat for Humanity's work is accomplished by affiliates-independent nonprofit organizations that operate within a specific service area and within the framework of the Habitat Affiliate Covenant.

Habitat affiliates are local, grassroots organizations. Concerned citizens come together to address the problem of poverty housing in their community. These citizens form committees, research the community's needs and resources, and evaluate the potential success of Habitat's self-help model in their community. The group then applies to Habitat for Humanity International for formal affiliation. Once approved, an affiliate is directly responsible for all aspects of Habitat homebuilding in its area: fund raising, site selection, family selection and family support, construction, and mortgage servicing. The affiliate's relationship with HFHI is one of partnership. The affiliate builds houses, while HFHI provides a wide range of support services and resources.

There currently are more than 1,700 affiliates in the United States, and some 550 more international affiliates coordinate Habitat house-building projects in some 3,000 communities around the world. Just as in the United States, Habitat's international work is fueled by local initiative. Habitat does not arrive uninvited into an area and announce that it is "going to build houses for poor people." HFHI joins forces with local citizens as a partner in their quest to build decent, affordable houses with local families in need. Successful partnerships with the local committees coordinating the building projects, with local and national governments, with other nongovernmental organizations, and with business and industry in the areas served are crucial to the development process.

To find a Habitat affiliate near you, use our affiliate search engine. You may also send your name and address in an e-mail to PublicInfo@habitat.org, or contact the Habitat Help Line at (800) HABITAT, Ext. 2551 or 2552. The Help Line also can provide information about the process of forming a Habitat for Humanity affiliate if none currently exists in your area. Persons from outside the United States interested in starting an international affiliate should call HFHI headquarters at (229) 924-6935. Information also can be requested in writing from:

Habitat for Humanity International

121 Habitat St.

Americus, GA 31709-3498.